At Rainbow House Day Nursery we promote healthy eating as a way of encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We have planned a menu that consists of a large variety of balanced meals for the children that include at least two helpings of their daily fruit and vegetables in each meal. Our puddings, whilst they are sweet, they also provide an additional source of fruit for the children. We encourage the intake of calcium for the children by supplying full fat milk for snack times and for breakfast; we also have included yoghurt on the menu frequently. We provide a variety of fresh fruit for snack times instead of biscuits or cakes. If it is a child’s birthday, parents are very welcome to bring a cake in to sing happy birthday, but the cake will be cut up and sent home with the children rather than consumed at nursery. Parents are welcome to supply sweets for a birthday or other occasion however these will be sent home at the end of the day and not consumed at nursery. We include the growing of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the curriculum to increase the children’s awareness and encourage and develop an interest in the product itself.