In our Rainbow’s Room we provide structured exciting play opportunities for children aged 2 ½ -5 years encouraging them to develop their self esteem and independence.”

We offer children with the opportunity to play with a variety of accessible toys that promote all areas of their development from building sand castles in the sand tray to matching shapes and exploring colours.

As well as offering children with the opportunity to access our outside classroom which offers them opportunities to access activities that promote their development of counting and number recognition to science and investigation.

Along with this, we provide the children with a quite area where they are able to have a rest period, look at books, focus on letter and number recognition, jolly phonics and participate in circle times which provide the opportunity to recall and review the learning experiences carried out with in the day or “show and tell” something to their peers that they are particularly proud of, boosting their self esteem and self worth.

Furthermore, children are able to develop their hand to eye coordination with activities such as art, matching, sequencing, and adding and subtracting and early literacy skills.

In addition to this, we offer the children with a choice of outdoor play where they are able to explore in our large sand pit and digging area, play with the bikes, trucks and balls or practice their coordination skills with the balancing beam. We also take the children out of the nursery to the local river Lea and park where they are able to explore and investigate the environment. Along with this, we also take the children to the local shop to buy food for a cooking activity where we discuss money and quantity and the importance of road safety.

Room Routine

8.00-8.45        Breakfast

8.45-9.00        Tidy up time

9.00-9.20        Circle Time

9.20-10.50      Free flow

9.20-10.20      Focused Activity

10.20-10.50     Snack

10.50-11.00      Tidy up time

11.00-11.55      Outside play on grass area

11.55-12.00      Wash hands and toileting before lunch

12.00-1.00       Lunch time (self service), brush teeth

1.00-1.15          Story and songs

1.15-2.45         Free flow

2.00- 2.30       Snack

2.45-3.00        Tidy up time

3.00-3.50        Outside play on grass area

3.50-4.00        Wash hands and toileting before tea

4.00-4.40        Tea

4.40-5.00        Circle time recap on days activities

5.00-6.00        Free Flow and quiet activities