“In our Raindrops Room we provide a fun and stimulating learning environment for toddlers aged 16 months – 2 ½  years.”

We offer children with the opportunity to play with a variety of accessible toys that promote all areas of their development from building towers to role play.

We also provide the children a creative area where they are able to get messy and investigate with paint, glue, gloop, sand, shredded paper, pasta, rice, jelly and water.

Along with this, we offer the children with a choice of outdoor play where they are able to explore in our large sand pit and digging area, play with the bikes, trucks and balls or investigate in the pirate ship. We also have the luxury of a six seated buggy which allows us to take the children out of the nursery to the local river Lea and the local park.

Room Routine

8.00-8.45          Breakfast

8.45-9.15          Circle Time

9.15-11.15        Free Flow indoor/ outdoor structured play

10.15                 Nappies

10.15                 Rolling snack

11.20-11.30      Short story/ singing time

11.30-12.15      Lunch time

12.15-2.00        Sleep/ rest time

2.00                   Drink time

2.15                   Nappies

2.13-3.30          Free flow indoor/ outdoor structured play

3.30                   Tea time

4.15                   Nappies

4.15-4.30         Short story/ singing time

4.30-6.00         Free play (indoors/outdoors)